Free Inspection

There’s nothing more affordable than free, and at McAllen Foundation Repair we are pleased to bring free services to the McAllen area residents and business owners when we can. This is demonstrated in the free inspection service that we bring to those facing issues with their foundations. When you need to know whether or not you’re in the neighborhood for a proper foundation repair, getting the right professional eyes on the site is valuable, and when McAllen Foundation Repair is on the case, you can be sure that we will bring accuracy and expertise.


The point of an inspection is information, now sure you may look at the crack in your basement floor and think that it needs to be fixed, and that line of thought would be true, but to truly know the scope of damages, the right knowledgeable professionals need to weigh in on the matter. Some issues that look large can be small in truth, and small ones large. There is no real uniform levels of damages across foundations, and each needs to be treated as their own, which is where the experience and knowledge of McAllen Foundation Repaircomes in.


With the right professional know how, seeing the signs that tell the story of your foundation is one of our jobs. We know your soil, the makeup of your foundation, and the coexistence between the two that may lead to issues. No matter the issue your foundation is suffering, you can be sure that we’ve come across it before, and that we can get to the root of the issue quickly. When you need the right professional services, steeped in the relevant knowledge and experience to the task at hand, you can trust in McAllen Foundation Repair.


he base of that trust level comes in the knowledge accumulated by bringing foundation repairs to hundreds of homes across McAllen. We have been there for homes big and small, with varying levels of damages, and reasons behind it, which brings a level of expertise to our inspections that simply cannot be matched. Even while offering this as a free service, you can be sure that it’s one that we take great pride in, and deliver to the best of our capabilities. We are here to ensure that you have the right information at the right time to make the best possible choice.


While understanding the issues that your foundation may be facing, we also know the services that are needed to remedy the situation, which gives us the ability to give you an accurate assessment and estimate of the cost of repairs. We know that when it comes right down to it, knowing the issue is all well and good, but people want to know how much it will cost to fix it.