​Home remodeling

There can be a million steps taken in the remodeling of your McAllen home, but we are interested in a select few, the foundational and cement work needed to bring you the finished product you’re looking for, and bringing resolution to those long days of wishing that there was a change you could make to your homes foundation. When choosing McAllen Foundation Repair for your remodeling needs, you can be sure that we bring you the expertise and experience necessary to bring your ideal vision of home to life.

Basement Lowering

Have you ever walked into your basement, barely grazed your head on the support beam above, and wished there was something you could do about it? At McAllen Foundation Repair we know that not every basement is built the same, and when it comes to basement lowering or crawlspace conversion, you can be sure that we have the right professionals for your job. We have been assisting in this aspect of house remodeling in the McAllen area for years, and have the right skills, and skilled experts to bring you the free space you need in your basement.


If the soil underneath your home has been giving you headaches, giving way to empty spaces and always threatening that at some point you may need a full repair, choosing to have an underpinning installed while doing your home remodeling may be just the answer you’re looking for. We bring you the professional installation you need to bring the necessary support back to your homes foundation, and to give you a solid and reliable resting place for your home. When you need the best foundation services in the city, then you need to pick up the phone and call us today.

Kitchen & Bathroom

We bring you more than just great concrete work to your homes foundation, we also provide you with the necessary services to bring attention to your kitchen and bathroom flooring supports for major renovations in this area as well. At McAllen Foundation Repair we know structure, and we know what’s needed to bring you the strong and reliable foundations for which you can build your dreams on. Whether this is under your basement, or under your stove, you can depend on the professional services at McAllen Foundation Repair to bring you all the support services you need.


The goal of each and every service we provide is to leave a long lasting strength for your home, and its various components to rest upon. It is impossible to understate how important your foundations are to every part of your home, and at McAllen Foundation Repair we bring you the professional craftsmanship needed to ensure that our work will last for the life of your home.