​Pier & Beam Repair

Using piers and beams in conjunction with a crawlspace gives your home the support it needs to avoid resting flat on the ground, cutting off access to the underside of your home, while still providing the strength and rigidity needed to keep your home straight and level. For homes with a pier and beam setup, getting the right repairs when needed can make a world of difference, and McAllen Foundation Repair brings you the services you need to keep these home stabilizers in the best shape possible.

The Purpose

Piers and beams underneath your home become the load bearing structures that hold the whole thing up, while providing you with the crawlspace necessary to be able to access the underside of your home. If you have a pier and beam set up in your home, then you may already know the overall layout and how it works. When you find yourself facing issues with these items though, then getting the right professional assistance is key, and McAllen Foundation Repair brings you the experienced service you need to ensure these items are working to their full potential.

The Drawbacks

Piers and beams normally rest on shallow concrete blocks, and while these work to ensure that the weight distribution is lessened, removing the ability to have slanting or levelling issues, the ground underneath it doesn’t have such reinforcement, which means that it can easily succumb to the turn of the tides within your soil. This can lead to having to make periodic adjustment, or to add shunts into place. When you find yourself at the mercy of the soil movement below, then you can trust in the professional services that McAllen Foundation Repair brings to your pier and beam set up in your home.

The Repairs

There can be many different issues that plague a pier and beam set up, and having the means to address each one properly is the focus of McAllen Foundation Repair. We have assisted homeowners across the city with these placements in their homes to ensure that you can continue to use the installations for what they are meant for, while properly dealing with minor issues that pop up in the interim. No matter the issue you face with any form of foundation for your home, you can trust in the experience and expertise that McAllen Foundation Repair brings.

The Solution

When facing any form of issue with your home, finding the solution is important, and at McAllen Foundation Repair we have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that no matter the issue you have with your home foundation, we have the solution you need. You can rest your mind by knowing that the repairs carried out were done by the best in the business in the McAllen area.