House Leveling

If you’ve ever dropped an item to watch it roll across your home of its own volition, or have it cut a weaving path around rises and dips in your flooring, then perhaps it’s time to think about getting the proper levelling needed in your home. At McAllen Foundation Repair we bring you the services you need to ensure that your home is on the straight and now, and bringing you the level flooring you always assumed you had until that moment.

Settling In Your Home

Dips and raises can occur across your home for many different reasons, one of the main being the eventual settling of your home and its foundation. When dealing with these issues it can easily seem like too big a problem to fix, or at the very least, too costly. McAllen Foundation Repair is here to assure you though that the process can be quite easy and cost effective. We bring you the right professional solutions needed at an affordable price to ensure that you can rest easy knowing your flooring, and whole home for that matter are perfectly level.

Interim Solutions

McAllen Foundation Repair brings you the solution to your house levelling issues in a two step approach to ensure the best results. The first is through a temporary underpinning, to give your flooring and foundation the support needed to straighten themselves back out, while still being temporary enough of a solution that more fine tuning can be made once the ground underneath finally ceases its settling. The time this step takes can greatly vary, but it is an important step to take if the proper long term solution is sought out to bring your McAllen home back to proper levels permanently.

Long Term Fixes

Once all of the temporary work has been done, it’s a waiting game until the ground underneath finally ends its settling. The professionals at McAllen Foundation Repair will come by periodically to measure and ensure that your home will no longer face this particular issue before scheduling a permanent bracing. Once they are satisfied that your home is finally done it’s moving around, the last step in the service begins, which is placing the permanent shunts into place to ensure that your home is once again resting on a rock solid foundation, giving you back your straight flooring and foundation.

Levelled Once More

Though this process may be time consuming, it is an important one for the overall lifespan of your home, and to ensuring that the issue is one that you won’t have to continue dealing with. By doing things correctly the first time, you can be sure that it will be the last time you have to deal with the issue.