Slab Repair

Many home foundations in the McAllen area rely on concrete slab, and bringing the necessary repairs to this type of foundation is the cornerstone of our work. We aim to deliver the highest quality slab repair in the city, with a service based on a high level of experience and unmatched expertise.


Over the lifespan of your concrete slab, it isn’t uncommon to notice a crack or two here and there, and while they may be easy to ignore, they are generally only the precursors to much larger issues down the road. Cracks tend to appear as the slab itself is experiencing high levels of pressure, which over time can result in much larger cracks or fissures appearing. In treating the root cause of this pressure, and repairing the cracks as they appear, you give your home a much better chance of standing up to the pressures of the years to come.


When a crack evolves to a full on fissure than you know the issue has gotten to a place of high importance. We bring you the services you need to understand why the issue has occurred, and to bring the right professional repairs needed to reverse these damages, bringing back the strength to your stone slab that has been missing. When dealing with a level of damage this important, you have to put your trust in the experienced professionals who know how to deal with the problem properly, at McAllen Foundation Repair we bring you that experience to lead you to a safe repair.


If your basement has been slowly developing a slant over the years, this may be due to the soil underneath shifting and giving way, and while this may not seem like a stone slab problem, it will eventually develop into one as the pressure builds up and creates a crack or break within it. In order to prevent this from happening, dealing with the slant while it’s a possibility is highly important. At McAllen Foundation Repair we bring you the professional services you need to properly deal with your slanting issues, and bring back the strength to your stone slab.


One of the potential causing of slanting and other damages to your stone slab may be water issues under and within it, and bringing a professional waterproofing service to the area may be just the ticket you need to get past the issue. At McAllen Foundation Repair we bring you the professional waterproofing service needed to protect your concrete slab, and in the process, your entire home. When it comes to any matter foundation related, you can count on the professional services that McAllen Foundation Repair brings to your home, to get you and your home back on solid ground.